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We aim to be a partner that you can consult with easily and work with effectively.
We use systems with excellent usability and design. We want to create a long-lasting working relationship with our clients.
We know that good relationships make good websites.


◇Service contents
We create websites using templates and create custom made platforms designed to increase the value of our client’s brand.

Custom made website design begins from the defining purpose of your brand and a shared goal.

Initially, we meet and discuss the contents of your website. During this time we need to understand your goals and focus. We gather information about your company history, philosophy and direction. We need to understand your message, the kind of users you want to attract and how you want the website to be used.
Once these essential points have been established we can begin the first stage of design.

When building any website Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is of utmost importance. Good SEO brings your website to the top of search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. It is essential to consider unique keywords along with the target audience when setting SEO.
You will be able to check all changes made to the site both before and after a site update or renewal.

It is also important to decide on keywords that describe the company and the product as well as the target audience when setting SEO. Websites are generally less successful when keywords are superficial; unique keywords connected to your website generate more hits, and move your website to the top of search engines lists. For example, a vegetable store which has been successful for twenty years decides to open a website in order to sell it’s produce online.
If the company motto was, “A Sense of Security,” we could take this idea and develop it to propose a website design that offers a feeling of safety and trust. Photographs of vegetables framed in soft lighting and matching hues would give a sense of quality. Cute character illustrations and patterns would give a sense of security and safety.

“A Sense of Security,” is a good motto. However, by adding a further descriptive narrative you can influence the web design in an even more positive way.
Example phrases that build on the idea of ‘sense of security’ could be:-

  • “We have been serving customers with the confidence of a practiced eye for 20 years,”
  • “A local vegetable store run by the same family for two generations,”
  • “We only supply the best – high grade vegetables you can rely on.”

The more descriptive your ideas are, the better we can build a successful website for you.

Well priced template design

Professional template design – get the best results for a reasonable cost

While it is important to to design your website carefully, we recognize that speed is of essence.
In our modern world the web evolves and changes quickly. New technology can become obsolete within a short timeframe.
One of our strengths is that we update your website quickly and immediately whenever needed. A template design also allows you to check, alter or update information contained on your website whenever you need to; templates are stylish, easy to work with, and are very flexible. A good template design makes your website look more appealing.


We are successful because we have a wide range of effective templates offering a quality and persuasiveness.

We have an excellent reputation because we have creative professionally trained staff, creative thinking staff with solutions.

We consistently perform well because we meet deadlines. We work within time constraints.

Join us for complete satisfaction, competitive prices, convenience, and peace of mind.

service contents

Digital content

Web design & development - Cording (smartphone / responsive web design / table layout (e-mail magazine ) / mobile) - PHP - Landing pages - Personal webpages - Web banners - E-commerce site - Customize your blog(WP / MT / Ameba / cocolog) - Web animations - SEO & Web Analytics - music production

Graphic Design

Posters - Brochures - Packages - Logo Creations - Business cards - Record or CD sleeves - Photography - character design

Customize CMS / Web Systems Development


Advertisement distribution (google・yahoo) / SEO

20% of total advertising costs are dedicated to boosting your exposure online

We are flexible and work within your budget. Contact us for an initial estimate

*These are reference prices for basic operations not including planning costs.
Get in touch with us for more details as prices differ according to final content.


  • Director ¥50000/day~
  • Designer ¥30000/day~
  • Markup Engineer ¥50000/day~

New Homepage(Corporate)
New Homepage(Personal)

New Subpage(Corporate)
New Subpage(Personal)

New Coding Homepage(Including CSS)
New Cording Subpage


  • 20% of the whole


  • 10% of the whole